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ATRT 3 Networking Solution
All the Right Type 3 networking solution uses Internet protocol (TCP/IP). Communication between the Student / Teacher programs and the database is not via a path/file name, but rather via the IP address of the database computer. For this reason, the student and teacher users do not need any access rights to the folder containing the data files.
With the new database application used in All The Right Type 3, it is no longer necessary for students or teachers to have any access rights to the database directory on the server. In fact, for security, it would be best to ensure that they do not have any rights nor any path mapped to the database.
For School Districts looking for a WAN solution, All the Right Type 3 is your keyboarding solution. Each school's data folder can reside in one All the Right Type 3 database on a district server.
All the Right Type 3's database server supports Windows NT, 2000, 2003, 2008, XP, *MAC OS9, MAC OSX, and Linux processors as well as runs within a service seamlessly in the background.
For additional flexibility the client machines in the lab can be a combination of Windows and MAC's all connecting to one common database base. This feature allows schools to continue to use old and new equipment in the same lab.
*no service available

- does not support networking services for Windows 64 bits OS

  • Quick and easy installation
  • Database server program supports Windows 2000, 2003, XP, NT, MAC OS9 and MAC OSX native
  • Networking solution for WANs as well as Local networks
  • Eliminates security issues as students have no access rights to the data
  • Teacher's can manage their classes and students all form the teacher workstation
  • Easy deployment for WANs where each school can have their own database school folder
  • Teacher's can manage their own classes and student records and IT Administrators only have to manage backups and server maintenance
  • The All the Right Type database program is less than 1 meg in size
  • Database server runs as a service (runs automatically on system boot)
  • Toll free telephone, e-mail and web-based FAQ's
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