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Abacus Project, The

by Helen Age 14
"The arcade was fantastic. The comic introduction was awesome! That would keep the kid's eyes glued to the screen and also reading as they follow through. The flash cards were a very good idea for the game. It's simple and easy to play. The times and options are great for people in different levels. These flash cards can help kids to learn and also to speed up, exceeding expectations. The results also encourage the young ones to set goals, beat them, and set even higher goals."
by Teachers' Choice Award for the Classroom 2006 Evaluation Team
"My students cannot get enough of this computer game. I also loved playing it because it has a math/science connection. They also learned how to use graphic sources because they had to ask for help from the board and read the directions. My students enjoyed the flash card race to try and beat the time...Students want to work harder to learn math facts so they can beat their record. It makes students always want to improve. It was perfect for our 5th graders learning styles. I would recommend Abacus for grades 3 -5, it is a great asset to the classroom."
by New Mexico Educational Software Clearinghouse
"All in all, The Abacus Project accomplishes its educational objectives successfully and is fun to play, too. In my opinion, the program is recommended for grades 2-4, but it can also be useful for grades 5-12 for remediation and review. I recommend it to teachers looking for a good classroom resource for students with mathematical problem solving educational needs"
by Earl Mcwilliams, Principal and Technology Teacher (retired), Dorothy Peacock Elementary, Langley, BC
"The Abacus Project has proven to be very popular and motivational with students at our school. It has, in fact, been purchased by more than 30 families for home use even though it is available for use at the school...I have been most impressed with the interest, enthusiasm and progress of our students with this program."
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