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Search, Write, Present!


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Type: PDF File
Ages: 10 - 14
Grade: 6 - 9
Sample Lesson Plan


Enjoy Search, Write, Present! with your students. Grades 6 - 9

Topics appeal to student interests, as they develop research, writing and presentation skills. Real-world experiences connect with the community, environment, technology and media. Students develop confidence presenting their ideas to real audiences. Writing is fun when it is celebrated though publishing and presenting!

Lesson planning is quick and easy
Each activity features two facing pages - teachers' notes beside a ready-to-use student page. At a glance, lesson planning is quick and easy!

Teachers' Notes include objectives, recommended websites, teaching strategies, extension activities and presentation formats.

Student Pages are ready to photocopy. Develop ideas through research, field study and interviewing, then guide their writing with wordlists, graphic organizers, outlines and editing checklists.

Use the Planning Guide to minimize your preparation time. Themes, planning strategies, writing purposes, writing skills and presentation formats are listed for each activity. Select activities just right for your students.

Writing Skill Development in activities:

  • Writing paragraphs
    - introduction, topic sentence and conclusion
    - organize ideas - top to bottom, left to right and chronologically; transitions
    - describe - adjectives, action verbs and sensory details
    - explain - sequencing and details
  • Research and note-taking skills - information sources; key words, main ideas and subtopics
  • Writing stories - setting, characters, plot and dialogue; genres
  • Scriptwriting - act, scene, stage direction, narrator and dialogue
  • Writing essays - thesis statement; support a viewpoint and compare/contrast
  • Persuasive writing - features/benefits; advertising; lists
    - comic strip, ad, brochure, public service announcement (PSA), editorial and position paper
  • Environmental issues - survey/interview, inform/persuade; problems/solutions; pro/con
  • Writing a travel journal entry - point of view
  • Writing performance poetry - poetic devices and sound
  • Writing action plans for service projects - table

    Presentation Skills in activities:

  • Read aloud in the background - audio for a slide show, shadow play or pantomime; voice-over
  • Live-read script for a radio PSA
  • Describe a drawing
  • Explain a storyboard, timeline, poster and diagram; explain and demonstrate a recipe
  • Presentation board display and oral presentation
  • Reader's theater; read a story aloud; storytelling; entertain with puppets, a skit or a play
  • Oral presentation in costume; travelogue
  • Panel discussion and Debate
  • Promotional video or TV commercial
  • Poetry slam

    Activity Themes

    1 Gardens; Indoor Plants; Botany
    2 Arthropods
    3 Amusement Rides
    4 Theme parks; Panoramas
    5 Fashion
    6 Hobbies, Crafts & Collections
    7 Snacks; Nutrition; Recipes
    8 Family Fun; Timelines
    9 Barbecues; Nutrition
    10 Pets
    11 Robots
    12 Endangered Animals; Ecology
    13 History; Timelines
    14 Science; Technology; Gadgets
    15 Humor
    16 Adventure; Scripts/Plays
    17 Biographies; Heroes; Milestones
    18 Fireworks; Safety
    19 Transportation (Walk, Cycle or Ride in a Vehicle)
    20 Healthy Lifestyles; Safety; Comic Strips
    21 Alternative Car Fuels
    22 Soap Box Derby; Advertising
    23 Travel; Tourist Itineraries
    24 Business; Entrepreneurs; Advertising Brochures
    25 Locally Grown Food; Public Service Announcements
    26 Green Choices; Environment; Editorials
    27 Ocean Resources; Position Papers
    28 International Travel; Travel Journals
    29 Performance Poetry
    30 Better World; Action Plans
    About the author
    Brenda Jean Summers is the author of The Brenda Summers Writing Files: 30 ready-to-use computer activities to help your students develop the writing process and Write this Way: 30 lessons to develop composition skills. She has a M.A. (Education) from Simon Fraser University. During her 35-year teaching career, she taught grades two to seven in Vancouver, Canada and worked for four years as the District Curriculum Consultant - Computer Education for the Vancouver School Board. She enjoyed teaching research, writing and presentation skills to students in the classroom and the computer lab. She is now retired and living in Hawaii.

  • Sample Lesson Plan

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