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Smart-Bear Adventure Series


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Type: Win/Mac CD-ROM
Win OS: XP - Windows 7
Mac OS: up to Intel Mac 10.6.x Snow Leopard
SMART Board compatible content "Standard" Accreditation
Ages: 3 and 9
Grade: K to 5+

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The approved SMART Software Accreditation logo is a trademark of SMART Technologies. Windows - Windows XP - Windows 8 Mac OSX - up to Intel Mac 10.6.x Snow Leopard Mac OSX Intel


Welcome to Smart-Bear Adventures.

Jeanie Whistler, a black bear, has given birth to twin cubs Willy and Wishbone Whistler.

Although they are twins, they couldn't be more different: Wishbone was born with a smile on her face, while Willy was cranky and hungry.

Jeanie braves life on the mountain and teaches her cubs all the firsts.

Follow the bear tracks to join the Smart-Bears for a fun-filled, warm-hearted, read. Smart-Bear Adventures introduce children to science and reading in an interactive, multimedia, safe environment.

  • Easy to use, Smart-Bear Adventures incorporates smart pages with animated text synchronized to characters' voices.

  • Read-and-reward "smart-page" technology builds the multimedia activity center as each story is read.

  • Activity Center, where students can create their own pictures and story using stamps and vocabulary words.

  • Save and Retrieve- students can save and retrieve were they left off in the story from Volume 1 - 3

  • French version of the program available

As you complete each volume more backgrounds and stamps are added to the activity center. Volume 3 adds vocabulary with interactive speech.

Volume 1: Jeanie Whistler

The first of the Smart-Bear Adventure series opens as Jeanie has given birth to twin cubs. How do bears know when it's time to emerge from hibernation? Smart-Bears need to know how to survive their first summer. Interactive Nature Stories which build the Multimedia Activity Center with each page read. Printable Bear Masks are available on Volume 1.

Volume 2: Cubs in Trouble

The second of the Smart-Bear Adventure series finds Jeanie teaching her cubs how to stay out of trouble. Smart-Bears need to survive their first summer with many other bears. This volume adds 25 more stamps to the activity center for a total of more than 50.

Volume 3: Hideaway

In the third of the Smart-Bear Adventure series. Jeanie and cubs need to find shelter for the winter. Smart-Bears need to learn how to find the perfect winter den. This volume adds more than 100 Vocabulary words to activity center.

Smart-Bear Read & Play Booklet
A School version includes one 30 Page English-French Bilingual Smart-Bear Adventures Reader Volume 1. Children can follow along, read out loud, and extend their experience to literacy and drama.
A Building Site includes 1 booklet from each of the three volumes.

November 2005:
Smart-Bear - Wins Best Socially Responsible Children's Product - 2005

The prestigious International Dr. Toy Awards Program has granted Leboe & Grice Multimedia's "Smart Bear Adventures" three awards for 2005: Top 10 Socially Responsible Product, Best Children's Vacation Product, and Best 100 Children's Products. The honor spans the multiple categories of Arts & Crafts, CD-Roms, DVDs, books, games, software and toys. Award winning Smart-Bear Adventures has gained favor with fussy International buyers to place Smart-Bear Adventures on the shelves of trendy Apple Retail Stores across the US and nudge shelf space in Canada.

Smart-Bear Adventures is a unique blend between a storybook and a videogame for children aged 3-9 years. "Parents are looking for fun and socially responsible products this year," says Dr. Stevanne Auerbach, known as Dr. Toy. Auerbach is recognized internationally as one of the pre-eminent authorities on child development, play and toys.

"Smart-Bear Adventures combines the educational values parents and educators want for their kids - with original stories, compelling graphics and activities children find engaging," says Lynn Leboe, CEO of Leboe & Grice Multimedia, mother of three and creator of the programs.

BC Ministry of Education has approved Smart-Bear Adventures along with a Teacher Guide and a bilingual Read and Play Reader to be used in schools to teach elementary science.

Matrix of Learning Outcomes
English - Francais
1 2 3 4 5+
Life Science
Physical Science
Earth Science
Language Arts
Reading Comprehension
Listening Comprehension
Oral Production
French as a Second Language
English as a Second Language
Matrix of Learning Product Overview

System Requirements

- Windows XP - Windows 8
- Minimum 256 MB RAM
- 800 x 600 resolution display with 16-bit color (or better)
- 10 MB available hard-disk space
- Windows-compatible sound card (if sound is desired)
- CD-ROM Drive
- Mouse
- Optional Printer
- Optional Internet connection

- Mac OSX up to Intel Mac 10.6.x Snow Leopard
- Running Java 1.4+
- Minimum 256 MB free RAM
- 800 x 600 resolution display with thousands of colors (or better)
- 10 MB available hard-disk space
- CD-ROM Drive
- Mouse
- Optional Printer
- Optional Internet connection
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