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All the Right Type 4 Online (School version)

Ages: All ages(to teach touch typing)
Type: Win/Mac/Linux/Chromebook/Android Tablets/iPad®
Win OS: All version of Windows
Mac OS: All version of Mac OS and OSX
iPad® 2,3,4,Air,mini: iOS app is compatible with devices running iOS 7 and above with Bluetooth keyboard (With a subscription teachers can download the ATRT 4 ipad app for free and students can log on using the same user ID and password. The app offers students access to their keyboarding lessons as well as they can view their records and sticker book.)

No software installation required
It is a true web browser typing tutor
Browsers Internet Explorer, Edge, Google Chrome, and Safari

To purchase All the Right Type 4 Online School version for your school or for a 30-day free trial (school only) click here.

All the award winning features of the original program are now available online to you for anywhere, anytime access.

From school or from home you can continue your lesson where you left off to improve your typing skills and save valuable time.

Our no nonsense approach and learning methodology allow you to learn how to touch type in the most effective way.

All the Right Type was design especially for school use; therefore, has features that teachers need in schools and districts.


  • over 300 lessons
  • animation to show proper finger reach
  • record keeping
  • proven pedagogical learning methods
  • immediate feedback
  • access anywhere, anytime from any computer connected to the internet
  • timed and speed tests
  • keyboarding games
  • keypad lesson
  • finger analysis
  • narration and reinforcement
  • reports and certificate
  • sequencing to guide you through lessons
  • learn at your own speed and set your own goals
  • dictation games
  • create your own lesson games
  • theme pages to customize views
  • diagnostic tests
  • abc-keyboard orientation
  • video how-to tutorials
  • E-mail and free phone technical support

Additional School version Features:

  • Creating/adding Schools
  • Creating classes and users
  • Uploading students in "bulk"
  • Hierarchy of users with permissions
  • Creating your own lessons to share or for your own use
  • Record keeping for assessment
  • Add to School verson
  • class reports
  • login cards
  • parent letters
  • report card creator
  • customize class options
  • customize student options
  • and more

School version Pricing: Subscription

Education institutions
# of accountscost 12 months3 year prepay 10% discount
1 - 5 $49.95 $134.87
1 - 100 $285.00 $769.50
1 - 400 $450.00 $1,215.00
1 - 700 $695.00 $1,876.50
1 - 999 $950.00 $2,565.00
1000 - 4999 $0.95 $2.57
5000+ $0.85 $2.30
Pricing based on number of user accounts required.

Supports: Browsers Internet Explorer 8 & up, FireFox 8 and Safari 5

All the Right Type 4 Online

Home screen/Campus page where users can easily navigate from lesson to lesson. ATRT 4 online has four types of lessons that support immediate reinforcement ofany new keys introduced in the learning lab. If "sequencing" is turned on, students will follow the blinking building which prompts them to the next lesson in a proven and time-tested learning order. The maintenance section has many exceptional features for teacher management.

Hand position

This is a screen shot of a lesson in the Learning lab where new keys are introduced. Animated fingers display proper fingering and reach. Users are then presented with several lines of text which they must type correctly to progress to the next key. If a mistake is made, users will see immediate feedback in the form of an animation of the correct fingering and reach.

Learning Lab Building

After completing each line in the learning lab, users will see a report and get immediate feedback finger analysis. A critical ATRT 4 advantage is the letter-by-letter error checking to report the individual finger to the user should focus on. The program will prompt users to redo the lesson if they have not achieved the level of accuracy set by the teacher.

Practice Pavilion Building

This is a screen shot of a lesson in the practice pavilion displaying immediate feedback to the student on the line that they have just completed. The error checking algorithm is not letter by letter as in the learning lab so users may type any letter to complete the line. The keys presented are the same keys that they have learned in the learning lab, however the learning focus has moved to using the letters in words and sentences.


We have two types of games: Lesson Games which follow the same letters that students have learned if sequencing (time-tested effective learning order) has been turned on, and Themed Games that involve all the letters and numbers on the keyboard for general practice after all keys have been learned. In themed games we have also incorporated basic math keyboarding (number-pad) drills as well as "dictation" or "note-taking" type games to reinforce keyboarding without text to copy. All game results are tracked into the database for recordkeeping.

More games coming...

Class Report

For assessment, teachers can view class reports of all students' progress as well as reports for individual students. All reports can be exported into a spreadsheet. When analyzing student results, teachers that spot an area for improvement may delete a lesson so that students will be prompted to redo that lesson the next time they log on.

Import teachers and students

Users can be added one by one or large numbers of students may be imported using an industry standard comma-separated values (CSV) file format.


Here is a screen shot displaying what a lesson drill file looks like. Teachers may modify the sequence to control which lesson will be presented and in what order. Teachers may also create and sequence their own drill files.

Record Library for Testing Building

This is a screen shot example of test scores in the testing building. Student's words-per-minute (WPM), Accuracy and Errors are displayed for student performance and class comparison purposes.

Record Library for Skill Building

This is a screen shot of skill building scores. It is a comprehensive summary of skill and improvement presented in a clear graphic form. Lessons in the skill building are broken into isolated words, sentences and paragraphs. Each lesson gets a little more complex and the program will save results after each section into the database.


Sample certificate that teachers can generate from the program. This is great for reinforcement and is in addition to the varied e-stickers that teachers gmay be generated and given to students for good work.

Thank you for taking the time to visit our Web site. If you have any questions, please contact us at [email protected]

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