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Type: PDF File
Ages: 9 - 14
Grade: 5 - 9
  Sample Lesson Plan


Enjoy Write this Way with your students!

After teaching keyboarding skills using All The Right Type 3 Plus, launch a word processor and develop writing and composition skills with Write this Way.

Write this Way: 30 lessons to develop composition skills offers real-world writing experiences that work well in the classroom and computer lab. Topics connect with the community, technology and media.

Lessons appeal to student interests, as they develop writing composition skills. Word banks, graphic organizers and outlines guide their ideas as they write. Editing checklists mean success with compositions. Writing is fun when it is celebrated in peer editing, publishing and presenting!

Explore the Planning Guide in Write this Way to design your writing program. Follow the sequence of writing skills to select lessons just right for your students. Choose lessons by theme or writing purpose.

Write this Way lessons feature a ready-to-photocopy student page and a teachers’ page. Lessons include reading-writing connections, recommended websites, teaching strategies and activities to develop the lessons. At a glance, lesson planning is quick and easy!

About the author
Brenda Jean Summers is the author of The Brenda Summers Writing Files: 30 ready-to-use computer activities to help your students develop the writing process. She has a M.A. (Education) from Simon Fraser University. During her 35-year teaching career, she taught grades two to seven in Vancouver, Canada and worked for four years as the District Curriculum Consultant - Computer Education for the Vancouver School Board. She enjoyed teaching writing to students in the classroom and the computer lab. She is now retired and living in Hawaii.


Notes to Teachers include three sections:
Objectives- learning outcomes for each lesson
Websites- related research materials for teachers and students
Extensions- reading-writing connections and research recommendations
- activities to develop the lessons
- related activities for an integrated theme
- teaching strategies; technology and media applications
- suggestions for peer editing, publishing and presenting student writing
Student Pages are ready to photocopy for classroom use or to use electronically. Lessons follow the writing process, simplified into three sections:
Plan- word banks prompt ideas and suggest vocabulary
- prewriting strategies develop ideas
- outlines, sketches and graphic organizers guide the planning process
Write- use the plan to develop paragraphs and other writing formats
- suggestions and outlines guide the writing experience
Edit- editing checklists assist self-editing and peer editing
Sequential Writing Skill Development organizes the lessons:
  • Writing sentences
  • - complete ideas; sentence variety
  • Writing paragraphs
  • - introduction, topic sentence and conclusion
    - organizing ideas - top to bottom, left to right, front to back and chronologically
    - word choice - adjectives and sensory details; transitional words
    - description
    - exposition - sequencing, details and transitions
  • Research and notetaking skills
  • - recording sources of information
    - notetaking - key words, main ideas and details
    - organizing paragraphs - subtitles
  • Writing stories
  • - character development, setting, plot and dialogue
    - genres; similes and hyperbole
  • Writing essays
  • - thesis statement; support a viewpoint; compare/contrast
  • Persuasive writing
  • - features and benefits; advertising language; enumerated lists
    - ads, brochures, public service announcements, editorials and position papers
  • Environmental and social issues
  • - interviewing, researching, informing and persuading - problems/solutions; viewpoints; pro/con
  • Journal writing and point of view
  • Writing lyrics
  • - mood, imagery, rhyme, alliteration and rhythm
  • Writing action plans for community service projects
    The Planning Guide lists themes, planning strategies, writing purposes and writing skills for each lesson. Design your writing program and select lessons just right for your students. Enjoy Write this Way in your classroom!

    30 Themes covered in the lesson plansPlanning Strategies
    1. TreesObserve; field notes; sketch
    2. Sandwiches; NutritionMenu board; notes; sketch
    3. BirdwatchingObserve; field notes; sketch
    4. Beaches; PhotographyReflect; cluster; pantomime; storyboarding
    5. Treehouses; ArchitectureBrainstorm; notes; architectural drawings
    6. Fun Activities; TimelinesReflect; timeline
    7. Turning Twenty; Future LifestylesVisualize; prompts; notes; outline
    8. "How to..." - ExplainList; number in order; storyboarding
    9. Cool Treats for Hot Days; Nutrition; RecipesList; notes; number in order
    10. Breakfast Menus; NutritionList; classify; role playing
    11. Jobs and CareersSelf-assessment; prompts; research; notes
    12. AnimalsResearch outline; notes; sequence
    13. Hats and CharactersPrompts; notes; sketch; pantomime
    14. Dialogue for CharactersPartner writing
    15. AnimalsPrompts; three-column chart; notes
    16. Action Adventure; Electronic GadgetsThree-column chart; T-chart; notes
    17. Tall Tales; SuperheroesPrompts; three-column chart; notes
    18. Fantasy; Magic; Medieval CultureStory map; notes
    19. Mystery; CrimeStory map; notes; role playing
    20. Cycling; TransportationVenn diagram; five-column chart; notes
    21. Skateboards, Scooters & Segways®; TransportationMatrix; notes
    22. Electronics, Exercise, Health & FitnessResearch; matrix; notes
    23. Toys; AdvertisingNotes; sketch
    24. Tourism; AdvertisingMatrix; notes
    25. Recycling; Public Service AnnouncementsResearch; web; prompts
    26. Recycling; EditorialsInterview; research; T-chart; notes
    27. Global Warming; EnvironmentResearch; T-chart; notes
    28. HomelessnessBrainstorm; interview; research; web; timeline
    29. Songwriting; MusicBrainstorm; song map
    30. Volunteering; Community ServiceSelf-assessment; brainstorm; interview;
    research outline

      Sample Lesson Plan

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