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Mathville 2


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Type: Win/Mac CD-ROM
Win OS: XP - Windows 8
Mac OS: up to Intel Mac 10.7.x Lion
SMART Board compatible content "Standard" Accreditation
Ages: 5 to 8
Grade: K to 2
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The approved SMART Software Accreditation logo is a trademark of SMART Technologies. Windows - Windows XP - Windows 8 Mac OSX - up to Intel Mac 10.6.x Snow Leopard (Check FAQ for Database Configuration for 10.3 and up) Mac OSX Intel - Check FAQ for database configuration Windows Vista - Check FAQ for database configuration


Mathville 2 runs on old and new school computers also available by Internet subscription 21 multi-level activities that kids love! blackline masters & worksheet generator comprehensive coverage of grade 2 state math standards.

"Loved this program!...I really loved the activities and the students enjoyed working on the site." M. Thomas, Sea Gate Elementary

"What you have is fantastic and a wonderful program with just enough edge to keeps the kids engaged in learning and actively participating." J. Matos, Sabal Palm Elementary

Mathville 2 is the 2nd Grade member of the Mathville series of educational software. Mathville 2 updates Mathville Jungleway and carries on the unique Mathville tradition of solid curriculum coverage that kids love!

21 multi-level activities provide a fun-filled, game-like environment for students to explore topics including:
  • Number words
  • Place value
  • Order numbers to 1000
  • Skip count
  • Round to the nearest 10
  • Add & subtract with and without regrouping
  • Multiplication as repeated addition
  • Division as equal sharing
  • Count money
  • Compose & decompose numbers
  • Compare fractions
  • Sort two-dimensional shapes
  • Symmetry
  • Compose two-dimensional shapes
  • Growing and shrinking patterns
  • Probability
  • Graphs
  • Measurement

In Multiply Story, students drag items to illustrate the text and then count equal groups to multiply.

In Sort Shapes, put three shapes in a row or column - if they have the same number of sides you score!

In Add Tens & Hundreds, guide your scooter to pick up first ones and then tens to solve an addition problem. When you??re ready to move up to the next level you??ll have to deal with hundreds too.

NEW in Mathville 2:

  • Win XP - Win 8 & Mac OSX-native but still runs on older systems and computers!
  • printable record of the student??s session
  • separate teacher Worksheet Generator to produce printable student worksheets
  • correlations with California, Florida, Ontario, and Utah Grade 2 math standards
System Requirements:

- Windows XP - Windows 8
- 16 MB RAM (32 MB recommended)
- 800 x 600 resolution display with 16-bit color (or better)
- CD-ROM drive (required for program installation only)
- 25 MB available hard-disk space
- Windows-compatible sound card (if sound is desired)

- Mac OSX up to Intel Mac 10.7.x Lion
- 16 MB free RAM
- 800 x 600 resolution display with thousands of colors (or better)
- CD-ROM drive (required for program installation only)
- 25 MB available hard-disk space
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