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Mathville Middle School


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Type: Win/Mac CD-ROM
Win OS: XP - Windows 8
Mac OS: up to Intel Mac 10.7.x Lion
SMART Board compatible content "Standard" Accreditation
Ages: 11 and up
Grade: 6 to 8
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The approved SMART Software Accreditation logo is a trademark of SMART Technologies. Windows - Windows XP - Windows 8 Mac OSX - up to Intel Mac 10.6.x Snow Leopard (Check FAQ for Database Configuration 

for 10.3 and up) Mac OSX Intel - Check FAQ for database configuration Windows Vista - Check FAQ for database configuration


Main Street

Workplace > Solving a chef's math problem

Explore the virtual village of Mathville, where everything from work to sport is filled with math and fun!

In Mathville Middle School version 3, you'll work, shop, and play -- and hone your math skills along the way.

As you try out careers ranging from chef to webmaster, you'll solve real-world math problems you'd face in these professions.

You'll also do the math needed to keep yourself fed, clothed and housed. And you'll use your mathematical know-how in sports ranging from hockey to basketball.

While reinforcing the math skills learned in school, Mathville MS is designed to empower learners to develop creative problem-solving skills and a real sense of math confidence.

Mathville MS is the latest, updated edition in the popular, award-winning Mathville series. While it keeps all of the features of the earlier editions, the redesigned Mathville MS incorporates many new features and enhancements.

New Features of Mathville Middle School

Groceries > A completed purchase

Gentle warnings to purchase needed items

- New curriculum, including algebra, data interpretation, integers and exponents
- The Teacher's eKit, a powerful new companion program that generates printable worksheets and tests tied to specific topics in the curriculum (available in school editions only)
- Updated careers to reflect today's technology-oriented work environment
- Windows XP and Mac OS X-native, without excluding earlier operating systems
- New graphics in full-screen format
- Flash-based code and compression allows Internet and LAN delivery
- Printable session records allow teachers and students to track student progress

Workplace > Solving a math problem in Packaging

Solving a math problem in Scheduling

Learning Objectives

Mathville MS reinforces and extends skills taught in grades 6 to 8 classrooms, including:

- decimals, fractions, ratios and percent
- estimation
- exponents
- multi-step word problems
- order of operations
- graphs and data
- area, perimeter, surface area and volume
- pattern recognition
- estimating angles
- slides, flips and turns
- two- and three-dimensional figures
- probability
- integers
- algebraic expressions and substitution

Games > Player wins back playing fee

Workplace > Problem solved > Success screen

Meets NCTM-prescribed curriculum

Mathville MS adheres to the mathematics curriculum prescribed by both NCTM (National Council of Teachers of Mathematics) and most educational jurisdictions in North America.

Mathville MS Correlations for:

System Requirements:
- Windows XP - Windows 8
- 16 MB RAM (32 MB recommended)
- 1024 x 768 resolution display with 16-bit color (or better)
- CD-ROM drive (required for program installation only)
- 25 MB available hard-disk space
- Windows-compatible sound card (if sound is desired)
- Mac OSX up to Intel Mac 10.7.x Lion
- 16 MB free RAM
- 1024 x 768 resolution display with thousands of colors (or better)
- CD-ROM drive (required for program installation only)
- 25 MB available hard-disk space
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